Algiers (2) - Algiers (LP, Album)
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Gatefold sleeve, 'Algiers' stickers over front and back plastic envelope. 24"x24" Poster with lyrics, photos and infos. Download card. Made in EU. In Parallax (track B5) contains a sample of Mr. Lawyer Frank Fisher (14 Sept 1918 - 14 April 2014) an a sample of "Wonderful" Perfomed by T.L. Barrett & The Youth For Christ Choir; courtesy of Light In The Attic Records under exclusive license from The Numero Group. This composition embodies portions of "Wonderful", written by Thomas Lee Barrett, Jr. (Dust Index, BMI). Interior photos by Sam Campbell ant the collection of Brad Feuerhelm. Other images ; Black Panthers © Agnès Varda 1968.

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  • A1 - Remains
  • A2 - Claudette
  • A3 - And When You Fall
  • A4 - Blood
  • A5 - Old Girl
  • B1 - Irony. Utility. Pretext.
  • B2 - But She Was Not Flying
  • B3 - Black Eunuch
  • B4 - Games
  • B5 - In Parallax

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