John Doran - Hubris (12", Album)
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John Doran would like to thank Luke Turner for coming up with this idea and making it happen... despite the darkness of the hour. Thanks to Simon and Nik for their artistic input. Thanks also to Craig Caukill and Chris Blenman from PAIS, Mark Pilkington from Strange Attractor and all for the musicians for their creativity and generosity. But thanks especially to Kjetil whose enthusiasm for the project - and the ark arts in general - and his unwillingness to pay any heed to the serious illness he was suffering at the time, prevented it from stalling at several points. A complimentary release to [a2820403]’s debut book ‘Jolly Lad’

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  • A1 - Gun Lore
  • A2 - Area Forecast
  • B1 - The Guardian
  • B2 - Marguerita Time
  • B3 - Spiral Arms

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